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Rear wheel Bearing Gone

  clio 172
Can someone tell me if you have to press the rear wheel bearing pls. I knpw you have too on the front.

Because on my mk2 172 theres a drowning noise coming from one of the wheels. I though it was the front left so i changed the barring with my mate and drove it and the noise was still there

SO pissed.

So if anyone has any technics as to how i can find out which wheel its coming from, would be great.

Also does anyone have a guide how to change the rear wheel bearings.

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Re: Rear wheel Barring Gone

spin the wheels one at a time for the rear ones hold the base of the shock any bad virbrations/noise it will be that bearing on the front just hold the spring. the rears also press out just watch you dont crack the disc.
Re: Rear wheel Barring Gone

my Ph1 172 was done at Rentech by Mike, it was pressed out and took approx 10tonne plus to pop out m8!
  clio 172
Re: Rear wheel Barring Gone

End result

My rear discs and pads needed changing anyway. And a garage reckons the noise is coming from the rear. So some disc come with the bearings built in. So hopefully problem solved