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rear window heater :s

  "Navy" N17 TWO

My rear window heater seems to be playing up - or is it my magical imagination? (y)

Its seems to leave a trace of condensation along the wire running across the middle of the window while the rest of the window is cleared up.
What could this be?

Any help is much appreciated
  Clio 1.4, SV650S

you can get a paint that fixes it.

go along the line untill you find the break, dab of paint and it joins the circuit and it starts working again.

There is a description of the problem here

and their fixing paint stuff like i explained abouve is here

its an american website but you get the idea, im sure they sell the stuff in the UK somewhere
  Ex 182. Now Octy vRS

My second from bottom ones gone, but cant repair it as ive window blacking film over it!