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Rear Windscreen wipers and front washers broken at same time

Hi guys, I have joined this forum as you seem a bit more helpful than other forums I have come across. I am having an issue with a 1997 clio 1.4. MOT is due at end of month and was looking to see if I can MOT car before selling or whether to sell as spares or repairs.

The issue is in the title and I am aware that this will be an instant mot fail.

The front wipers work fine. No issues at any point with them
The washers dont work and no noise when trying.
The rear wipers dont work.

I would just assume that the pump had gone in the washers but is it usual for this to be tied to the rear wipers? They literally broke at the exact same moment.

I have gone through the fuses but not sure what one it is specifically as there are so many with windscreen based icons.

Does this sound like a fuse problem or something more mechanical?