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Rear Wiper not working

  2013 Renault Clio EX
Hi I just bought a secondhand 2013 Renault Clio EXPRESSION PLUS 16V. The rear wiper does not appear to work. Wiper did appear to work intermittently for a few wipes on 2 occasion but then stopped not to work again. The guy I bought it from said his mechanic looked at it, said the motor was fine and he replaced the fuse. I can only assume it might have gone again and I am trying to locate the fuse in the glove compartment. Does anyone know what area number I should look at. I am attaching a picture of fuse layout and the haynes manual diagrams which appear to be similiar to my car's layout. Also any other trouble shooting ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  • Clio fuse box.jpg
    Clio fuse box.jpg
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  • haynes fuse box layout.jpg
    haynes fuse box layout.jpg
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  • layout page 1.jpg
    layout page 1.jpg
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  • layout page 2.jpg
    layout page 2.jpg
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