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recaro trendline or recaro pole positions???

  White ds3
i have been on the hunt for some recaros for a while now and wanted to know what peoples opinions are.
i want some trophy trendlines but cant find a set, and are they even that supportive?
or go for some super supportive pole positions. but will i then regret spending more cash on them and turn out they will be a pain in the arse when getting in and out of them all the time? also dont want to get harneses so would it look gash?

thanks dan
I used to have Trendlines, for road use they were brilliant, but you do fall out of them on track!

If your road use only, defo get Trendlines :)
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Here's a question - will the Recaro Sportsters bolt in a Mk2 (more specifically a Vee?)


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  Gentlemans spec 200
Don't get Trendline's. I've had them in 2 of my Clio's, waste of money if the car doesn't come with them. Not massively supportive, you're still perched up way too high, and they are way too expensive. There are better options out there, even for just road use.
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Agreed. The Trendlines in the Trophy weren't all that - dare I say I find the standard Leather/alcantara items more comfortable!


  V6, Jeep SRT, GTS
As above the PP's are not all that comfy...Did the trip in them and i was a bit uncomfy. Plus you need lower subfames.

I've got harnesses now! :)

That said they look awesome and are more racey and i only do a few miles a week in them!


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  Gentlemans spec 200
Any way to drop those down? As I <3 the way they look but if I'm changing seats I want to go another 2 inches down...
Not sure fella, I think you'd need custom subframes. The standard Recaro set-up bolts ontop of the existing subframe. The momo stuff is excellent, great seats that go a chunk lower.
Cobra Misano's are a good option as well.
  Better than yours. C*nt.
But the treadlines look good!!:)

But aren't all that comfy! The Sportsters look better (although whether they suit the Vee is another question!).

Can the Trendlines be dropped? Although it'd bin off the changer if I did as it's tight in there :(
  White ds3
^^ yupp a guy on here has the ones out of a corsa vrx in his 1*2 cant remember his username though

he is seling these now if you pm him for 800 bargain i was gona get them but look way to big in the clio imo

fount sum trendlines now yay
  Trophy #473
you can drop the Trendlines lower by removing the vibrations spacers under the renault std slider... but then the slider doesnt work so well.