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Recaro'd Artic 182ff Mint


ClioSport Club Member
  250 Cup & BG 182

Im currently in the process of selling my car, but some of these show off the great condition the cars in so thought i would share them.
Recently just had the wheels refurbed which im really happy with, very close to the standard colour but slightly darker when in the sun light.

Anyway comments and suggestions welcome as always.
07734 976865
  500 Twinair
That does look mint, but I honestly don't think you're gonna get what you're asking for, quite a bit less I reckon, and you'll make more money selling any mods separate.
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  2015 ST2(MO)/CorsaLE
id push my luck to get 4k and mine has 30k on the clock doesnt have recaros though, but cobras that sit lower :rasp:


ClioSport Club Member
  250 Cup & BG 182
I held out for 4800 but excepted offer in the end. Unfortunetly he cancelled today because he doesnt want the hassle of having to switch my private plate over...