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recomend me an exhaust!

  clio 172
i want a full exhaust system (cat back..with decat) and want a performance increase. what i dont want however is a lot of noise. i want it to be as quiet as possible....

what can you recomend?
  clio 172
was thinking about the stealth + ktec sports cat (cant be arsed with changin a cat at mot time)... but what do they sound like compared to standard?
  PH1 172 Sport
The KTR stealth is actually quite loud IMO. Can here the car from quite far away. I like it but it was definately louder than I was expecting.

The yozzasport stealth is supposed to be the quietest though if your having a decat the car will be quite loud anyway as the cat is one of the major silencers in the system.
  172 Cup
Iv just had a full custom exhaust fone at top gear in st albans, its certainly not quiet but sounds amazing and adds power a plenty! Trust me its worth it! Il post vid soon!
wish yozza did something just a little louder than their stealth

maybe a decatted yozza stealth would be ideal.
  PH1 172 Sport
K-tec stealth it is then. Still not cheap though but remember as your a club member you get discount!
Ktec is a lot quieter than a Magnex. Felt better in terms of acceleration too

Another handy thing is, its the only one out the bunch i belive with a front adjustable telescopic pipe so its a straight fit with a 182 manifold upgrade / future upgrade.