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Morning Clio Drivers,

My clio which I have enjoyed for 3 years has it 101,000, i think she is mechanically sound ( only replaced wheel bearings, thermo housing, coolant pipe on the side of the engine block, alternator and a few cosmetic niggles) but now that I have finished uni and have the time I want more power. Now what do I do ? Do I rebuild the engine or get it inspected to see if it can handle an increase in power. Also what are your thoughts on getting a Williams maybe one with a high mileage ( seen quite a few going for around 4.5 - 5K) and having the engine rebuild as my insurance is only 200 more for the Williams and I have ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE. I have thought aboult selling up and getting something different but they dont make cars like this anymore, the clio goes good, looks good (infact I thinks its the best looking hatch ever) handles well and genreally you get respect for owning such a car so why sell up - I say make it better!!!


  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Id go for the willy or either speak to nick at hillpower about a 2.0l transplant for your car.

I would go for the Willy, the more I see them the more I like them....... wait a minute, that didnt come out quite right ! You know what I mean !
  Clio 197

Willy. It already has the good bits and they didnt make too many of them. By the time you get yours up to standard, youll have spent as much as if you bought a Willy in the first place.

Disagree, think if he has a valver already, he is as well just getting a 2ltr conversion as good willys are hard to buy cheaply, and although it might be a better investment in the long run, a good un is going to cost. To me the only interest a willy has over a standard 16v is simply the 2ltr block. However this is perhaps cause I have never been a fan of willys colour scheme, and am not impressed by silly plaques on the dash.

Spend the difference on your 16v and you will be happy

Alex M