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recommend a laptop for my gf?

  306 TD Slut
hi peeps,

My gf has just started her second year at uni in london.

Her laptop is pretty much dead now, shes lost all of her work, her music, pictures everything. it says its still on the hard disk as its still full to the same capacity, but its just not there!


shes looking to get a new one.

will be using it for listeing to music, storing pictures from her digi cam, occasional photoshop and internet/webcam etc..

cd/dvd player/writer
usb ports
usual stuff

can anyone suggest a resonably priced laptop for her?

shes looking to spend in the reagn on 600 but cheaper the better if possible.

thanks in advance.
Acer Aspire 3102Wlmi

There arent any in the country at the moment but there will be in a week or so. My best friend bought one of the last ones.

Ive just bought a 5003Wlmi which is just as good but has no inbuilt webcam like the 3102 does.
  306 TD Slut
cheers for the advice peeps!!

yeah i think i was a bit over with her budget she wants to spend, maximum £500.

do you think she could get student deals from anywhere?
  306 TD Slut
ive heard that dual core is the way forward..

i dont really know much about comp internals/performance etc..
  artic blue 182
had no problems with mine mate had it 4 months and is really good spec for the cash mine was 499..b******s lol