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Red 197 / Crashed in Bradford - east parade 4pm

  3 RS200
Around 4pm just in bradford, by east parade/canal road. Smart 197 in red and a Yaris? Looked nasty, hope all are okay if on here.


ClioSport Club Member
You'd think that the goon would be keeping a low profile not running red lights with no insurance. Nothing surprises me these day on UK roads though, I absolutely despise driving on the road these days!


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I drive through now and again and hate it, time before last I passed an Impreza parked up with half of its front end missing as it had collided with a taxi on a roundabout.
I thought some parts of Leeds were bad but Bradford is 100% mongs.


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I despise living here, and working here. It's an awful place, no one can drive properly. I saw a car driving down the opposite side of a 3 lane carriageway the other day in the wrong direction, and strangely I didn't bat an eyelid as it's so common.

I'm glad I'm moving back out.


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You can't blame him for driving uninsured and jumping red lights, it's just part of his culture.


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I would be bloody gutted if that was me. Especially if there was absolutely nothing I could have done to avoid the collision (I know he jumped a red light, but in most cases a bit of defensive driving can avoid a collision. Followed by copious use of the horn..). Poor fella, first living in Bradford, now this!
I looked at a flat in Bradford and loved the place, even considering the BD postcode. However my car insurance wanted an extra £500 a year for the pleasure of a BD postcode. In Leeds, even dodgy LS12, it was the same price as the leafy village I used to live in down south! Bradford really is a special place when it comes to driving.
how does insurance work these days with an uninsured hitting you ? is it a gang f**k ?
I believe that those of us who do buy insurance all pay an amount within it that goes towards an 'uninsured drivers' fund, which those who are hit by uninsured morons are able to claim off.