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Red Ph2 172, Sompting, Priory Close...


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW bus
.....parked up just over the road from my house.
I would go and check for the reg but its too cold and I cant be arsed


ClioSport Club Member
  BMW bus
Nope not me! (not sure if you ment me or not!)

Titanium... its a uncupped 182

Cant say I remember it, which is odd cos I normally notice any nice cars, especially near my house.

However I wasn't a Clio owner back then, I used to have a VTS.......sigh, I miss that car:(
  182 has now gone!
Nah it was a Posiedon Blue Ph1 - it was lowered though.

I think I might know the silver one though, did it have a "nice" bodykit on it?

Lol, yes... used to see it driving round!

I work in Worthing, so will keep my eyes open for you on my daily commute!