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red & white 197

  clio sport 182
saw two 197 in ulverston today around 12ish, (3 oct)

red & white 197 with f1 stickers on lookin sweet

hey, that was me and my uncle. were here on holiday for a week. What colour was your motor, silver?
  Clio 182 Trophy
Jimbo666 - I spotted a Red and a White 197 going through Grasmere the other day, I putted a spotted thread up, was it you guys ? My Trophy was parked up at the side of the road in Grasmere, dont know whether you saw it ?

Think it was on Sunday, around 11:30am ish.


yes we saw your fine example of a trophy! Sorry I didn't see your spotted post. I don't tend to come in here much as I rarely get spotted!