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Relocating battery - Intake ideas

  ph1 track weapon
Hi all,

am planning on moving the battery to under the passenger seat as a few people have done on here.
Have seen that some have made a different intake setup with a straight pipe off the TB rather than use the standard one. I want to stick with an airbox rather than a cone filter, but havent really seen much of what others have done.

So ideas/pics of what people have done or possible suggestions would be much appreciated!

  Lots of Alfas


ClioSport Club Member
thats the best setup you can do above ^ again ideally with a ph1/v6 airbox on it as its better.

the bit ive circled red acts as a cold air duct when the grille is all fitted in place taking loads of cold air to the battery area as thats where the standard setup takes its cool air from so ideally you want your inlet into the airbox facing there!