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remember this

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Not having a dig, but on every other forum i go on, you lot would get slated for that! (as i stated before NOT HAVING A DIG!)
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Going through red lights, burnouts in mcdonalds car parks, racing against each other then handbrake turns in other carparks. All with a nice " meet" reminder at the begining.

If those were saxo's or corsa's everyone and his fuckin' dog would be on here going on about "little chavvy t***s in their mums 1.2's".

Well done fellas
comments are right about we'd mock if they were anything other then clios BUT meh who cares their clios haha looks like it was a laugh but handbrake efforts where crap u put the gas on as ur completing the spin to pull you away maybe i sould come down for a tutorial in "being a t**t" lmao joking
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Woohoo that was me going through the red light :eek: ....only cos i didn't have clue where I was going.

At the end of the day it was all good clean fun. Most of it was done in a deserted carpark and know one was hurt.

It wasn't the most dangerous thing i have ever seen in my life. But then again there will always be people that disapprove.

Oh well.

Was a good day.

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haha LEGEND!!

was a good day, and to the moaners, I dont think his face would really be bothered by your comments.

just having some fun, no harm done!

fred - his car is back to mint condition mate.


ClioSport Club Member
  is non-existent


AHAHAHAHAHA i remember that day, was pretty funny at the time