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Remove front bumper bump strips? HOW?

take front arch liners off, there's a screw on either side holding it on

take the splash guard off the bottom underneath the bumper

ét voila AFAIK
Do you mean the 3 panels that fit together in between the headlights and the fogs??
if so just undo the numberplate screws and pop them off.
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There's clips!

7 clips for either side and then about 12 for the middle one!

One on the end, 3 on top, 3 on bottom for the outer ones.

For the one behind the numberplate, about 4 on top, 4 on bottom and 4 in middle.
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I was rying to work this out today,

started to pull them off, but looked like they were about to snap or break so i stopped.

do you have to pull them off or do u have to unclip from behind?
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i put all my force into pulling them and a few of them broke. is this a big deal? think its 1 on top and 1 on bottom broken.


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you did unscrew your number plate didnt you? ???

I just started with one of the side ones, pulled that, then the opposite side, then the center one.

I pulled it from the left first, the the right, then the left then the right, making my way towards the middle for one big pull..

The clips are helpful, but if you have broke some, when you screw the number plate back in, should hole it nicely in place!!!

Thanks, Sam!
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i only took 1 of the side ones off. still get tot take the middle one off.
i took the plate offto have a look and its been screwed on by a gay!
there are 4 holes in the bumper that have just been screwed through. and they are not even level.
just noticed that the screws are differenthieghts on my plate.