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Removing clio ph2 door

  Range Rover sport
Right i traveled up to manchester last night to meet (JESUS) to purchase a new passenger side door , anyway got there and it was late usualy 10 minute job max to remove a door but since the car couldnt be moved and it was close to the wall things got a little bit tricky.

Couldnt get to bolts / torx etc that needed removing but after around an hour manged to take all bolts off, door card and had to remove the wing to make it easier.
Anyway got to the last stage of taking the pins out of the hinge to remove the door and ......... couldn't remove them. Usualy you just kocked them down with a hammer after removing the spire clips and away you go :S not with this one, spent a good half an hour trying to knock the pins out, in the end had to give up and call it a day.

Does anyone know how to remove the door easily ? dont want to break any fittings etc..

many thanks

  E36 328
ooooooo i had this problem, was the door i was replacing so i angle grinded the actual door away from the hinges ,still couldnt get them out so drilled the fucker out