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Removing fuel rail guard?

  BMW E46 330i Touring
A little help if possible guys...

I'm trying to replace my fuel rail guard, but can't get the original one off. Now, I'm using a pretty cheap and nasty socket set so it might just be I need one with better leverage, but I can't shift the bolt at all.

Also, I was under the impression that there were 2 bolts holding it on, but I can only locate one, as per diagram below.


Any ideas? Oh, and the engine cover has been removed.
hiya ads - definately 2 on my car - have taken it off loads of times. You need a 10mm socket and the nuts are quite far into the holes so an extension on the socket is required. If there isnt one in the left hole dont worry, every time a service is done they have to remove the guard so may have forgotton to put the nut back on or something. Just push hard on the right hand nut and itll loosen - due to the heat of the engine etc the nuts get quie stiff but it will loosen just use a bit of force.
hope that helps - post some pics later
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Thanks mate, the guard's been sat in my car for the last week whilst I've been working but I've got a few day's off so time to change it over!

I'm certain there's no nut in the left one, the extension goes in that little bit further, indicating it's been removed. I'll put some brute force and ignorance into that middle one! I suppose if it hasn't been removed for a while it'll get a bit stiff...
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Right, I've got the nut loosened, but had to do some errands so tightened it back up again!

The next thing: does it just pull off, or does it need unclipping in some way? As the nut loosened, the actual guard didn't feel like it was getting looser itself...
yeah as long as there definately isnt anut in the other hole then it just pulls off - no clips etc at all.
again due to length of time its been on there it might be a little stiff - if you take the rubber strip off the front slam panel (the 2 circles you have drawn above are touching the rubber strip) you should be able to just about see into the holes to see if there is a nut there or not in the other hole
  Cooper S JCW
I took mine off yesterday - there should be 10mm bolts in the left and centre holes. You need a long 10mm socket. I used a 6cm long one. That way you don't scratch them whem you replace it!
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Cheers mate, I'll have a check when it's all cooled down again (takes so long after a good drive!) and see how I get on.

Stay tuned....

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Kind of wanted to sort it out today ;)
I'll be driving most of tomorrow and will be dark when I get home