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removing mk2 172 headlight


Has anyone removed or changed a headlight on one of the new clios. Mine has got a few scratches on and doesnt seem to be sitting quite right, so I want to take it out to get a closer look. It still works perfect but I fear I may have damaged some of its mounts.

Thanks. Tony

An assemble drawing would be brilliant (hope you had a nice holiday Cap. Slarty)



Dont know about the 172, however presume the mounting points are the same. There are three fixing points. They are dead easy to spot, but you have to remove the bumper. (On the dynamique) This is due the the bottom two being behind the bumper. Once the bumper is off it is dead straight foward. Just a bit awkward in getting the bumper off. In the end I was gald renault did it as I had no idea how to get the bumper off.

Hope this is of some use.



Most likely as they seem very brittle. The lenses is so tough yet the mounting points arent. It seems like a long winded process to replace a headlamp, but thats renault, why make things simple when they can be complicated!!!!!

Unfortunatelly you have to remove the bumber. The headlight has 3 screws, one on the top and 2 behind the bumber....