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Renault 5 turbo 2

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Yeah i went to buy some seats of this fella yday and he had one in his garage. Quite weird really as I was going to post some pics of it. Ill post them later when im at home.

Apparently the V6 was based on it.

Quote: Originally posted by ryan_power on 13 January 2003

(the rear wheel drive 1 )anyway my cousins just bought 1 a few weeks ago , can anyone tell me anything about them ?
fcukin quality and I want one. Used in group b rallying. Capable of pushing out about 250/300+BHP from a 1.4 turbo. 0-100 in about 10 seconds (or maybe quicker than that) - Ill have a check. - Theres on in that James Bond film, Never say never... I believe... Sean connerys last one.

cheers mate , my cousins 1 is blue wiv gold alloys , think he paid nr 7 grand 4 it , but hes 37 so it aint gona get ragged al the time i supose

f**kin hell cant wait till 2morow then ,get him to take me 4 a spin , any 1 in middlesex area keep an eye out should be out in it 2morow between 6 and 7

just had a quick read , 7grand dont seem too bad 4 a car of that age and considering there was 5000 made think of how many were stacked

awesome cars...i have only ever seen about 3 on the road in my life though! a few yrs back i was driving behing a beautiful red one that was spitting flames at each gear change...and i mean 2-3 foot ones...made a fantastic noise and was like a bullet - but was heavily tuned. i think they are all left hand drive IIRC.

went too see the turbo 2 today f**kin hell its nice its got 28 thousand milles on it not bad 4 a B reg motor , didnt get a go in it my cousin had just got in from work but he said next time so cant wait , he said hes gona take it to sum garage that only deal in them and the owner has 5/6 of em , one is tuned up and gives out 400+ bhp
  VW Potato

the blue one in the pic posted above has the R5 Turbo2 Maxi front end (which is the front styling the very, very last of the cars had). The others dont have the huge round fog lights, nor the rally lights atop the bonnet just the Gordini Ts fogs but different indicators, sidelights and a wider front bumper. Hmmmm, I wish God had given me some knowledge and intelligence that was useful, rather than anal. :D


theres one around my way, a red one. the guy who owns it is a little bit into his cars, over the last couple of years hes had one of those, a pulsar, an e30 m3 alpina and a griffith - all tuned.