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Renault Build Quality

  Mrs' valver! &myV6 veccy

I know people are always moaning about the build quality of their clios.

But ive just spent hours trying to take half the interior out of my clio! Interior needs to come out for the willy blue respray, but its bloody solid to get out, all the panels link together in some way or another!

So people please stop dissing renault build quality coz after the last few hours ive had, ill never moan about it again!

i think there fack all wrong with my build quality i dont know where this comes from maybe the old renault 5s not my clio its solid and remember the 1st test drive of it they said its solid. valver is a J reg and has only 1 rattle, from the cover for the centre lights......
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Electrics are they only minor complaint i have. Engines are fairly tough, doesnt rattle at all! :cool: The other Frence cars are sh*t! P...
  clio 20v

i think the build isnt bad there not that bad to work on really and i just rolled mine and got out without major injuries

pugeot and citroen is far worse imo, took the dash out of a 205gti once and it just sort of all fell out, my clio dash came apart dead easy and went back with no rattles, it took all weekend to get the dash out of my mk3 astra it was a right bastid


i may also add that my old valver got wrote off by a VW passat he ran into the passenger front side and bent my wheel and wing damage etc but didnt look that bad his car was crumpled all front end smashed leaking sh*t everywhere.