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Renault clio 1.5 dci 2002 84636 miles strange noise wile driving

  Renault clio
Hi all I'm new to this group, but I find myself needing a bit of mechanical advice on a strange new sound coming from the engine or maybe drive.
The problem started at 80000 miles after a 500 mile trip. It started out as a shuttle hum in the then progressed over time to a very loud humming grinding noise form transmission or engine I'm not sure.
I managed to cross out the wheel barings as iv changed all 4 with mechanic, but the car is at 84600 and it increasingly louder at speeds of 40mph and 60mph?
If anyone has had this before at such low miles? Or is it an age issue?


ClioSport Club Member
That sounds like it could be the free wheeling hub on the alternator. They're quite common for failing and just spinning on the alternator.
  Renault clio
I will look into that here now. The mechanic said it could be the gearbox or clutch baring, then said drive it till it breaks. I changed the gear oil with no difference in sound.
  Renault clio
Also I had an issue after that 500 mile trip, turns out the previous owner, had welded the track rod ends, leading to me leaving for work and 1 wheel turning right and staying there, then the left wheel turning right and staying there. Could that of caused any extra damage?