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Renault Dealers Don’t get the Clio Cup !

Call into a renault dealer in stoke (holdcrofts) the other day to organise a test drive in a Cup. Spoke to the sales man, he seemed polite etc.

Asked him when they would be getting a cup in. Replied, we have a normal 172 in, they are much better equipped and a better all round car. I said to him, i am after i cup really mate. He answered, they are quite pricey really sir, for what they are, they havent got much in the way of extras, for that sort of price you would be better off with a 1.6 16v, and you would get cheaper insuarance and more mpg.

I tried to explain to him, that it wasnt about money, extras, mpg (i could buy 2 172s if i wanted, well maybe not, but you know what i mean) but i wanted a cup, cause they are the closest thing to a stripped out road/track car you can get, for sensible money and still use everyday.

Anyway he looked at me like i am mad, and said i could get in on sunday if you want, to which i said yes, and i will tell you the rest tomorrow when it happens !

Honestly, salesman, they sell CARS which is there business, and they dont know the slightest bit about them !



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It was like that when I was looking for a 306 Rallye...

The sales guy was just trying to sell me a GTi-6 becuase they had one in stock and was just not getting the point.

The exact same thing happened to me when I went to enquire about the Cup. I told them Id be P/exing a 172, they looked at me like a was missing something and said that it would be a huge step down from your current car!
  clio 20v

lol the salemsmen probably turn there nose up at it if when they get in an they couldnt find the a/c control

most salesmen wouldnt kno a good drivers/track car if it bit em on the ass

i went to a garage to look at a clio but theyd sold it, the sales guy tried to blag me into buyin a 306xsi by sayin its really fast erm sorry mate no its not go an patronise some1 else im leavin