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Renault & Gearboxes

Well as some of you know I had broken my gearbox engine mount a couple of weeks ago which required a new box.... Ive done about 500 miles with my new box and guess what..... Ive lost all drive to the wheels.... GREAT!!!! 2 new boxes in under 11 thousand miles.... Well im hoping its not a box but what else could it be?

This happened to me after having the casing breaking on mine. Feck me we have the same car!!!

Anyway mine wasnt that bad. I lost all drive to the wheels as well. I had it checked and because either the rev counter showed the revs or the speedo whent up even if you wasnt moving but just reving in gear it showed that it wasnt the box. or somthing like that!

It ended up being a pin or somthing. Cost 6 pound for the part and £40 labour to have it fixed.


OH I hope so... I hate not having a car... I had been polishing it all fecking day.... it was looking loverly... I was about to go get some smiles from some birds then this happened!!!
  Clio Mk1 Hybrid


Your not having much luck with your car at the moment!

Look on the bright side, at least you will be dealing with the nice friendly, intelligent people at Priory Renault!


Its a pile of sh*te!!!!


Tomclio I think im on 2 gearboxes mate in 11k miles.... im catching up!!

i posted about this happenening to mine about 2 month ago! the gearbox casting failed broke off the engine! your not alone!

i had to wait 2 weeks to get it back!


Mine gearbox casing had a small bit break. This was an important bit as it was where the bolts go in and hold the box to the engine.

A month after this was fixed i lost all drive but as i said it ended up being a pin or somtin. Cost £6 and 1 1/2 labour

I think they are going to say the main shaft has gone..... Renault have shafted me with the gearbox shaft! Basturds..... Anyway got to wait to see whats gone wrong.....
  Revels Mum & Sister

You cant say Renualts are a pile of sh*te. It can happen to any car mate. Just that problems to happen!!

Whatever car you buy it can happen. Just new ones get it done under warranty!

Noway mate Ive driven lots of cars in my time and I have never had problems like these.... Its not just me, the AA bloke said same thing happened to his mate... on here Tomclio has had 3 gearboxes!!! Renault are plaged by electrical faults and are about as well designed machanicaly as a climbing frame


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aparently the gearbox was replaced on my 172 under warranty before I purchased it.. that and the centre exhaust section.
  Revels Mum & Sister

yeah fair enough. But it DOES happen to all cars and is the luck of the draw!!!

You will find someone on every make of car who has serious problems from day one with there car. Either from accident damage, from the factory. Or bodged repairs!

Not saying renault are plagued by faults. I fully agree mate. But it aint just renaults and I wouldnt say dont buy renault!

Im sorry but i have asked round and nobody I know has ever had problems like I have had with a NEW car.... Soemtimes there is a little niggly problem thats fixed and thats it... Renaults dont know how to even make cars... im well f**ked off with them I dont want the c**ting car anymore
  Revels Mum & Sister

I will second that. Next door neighbour bought a new Mini cooper when they first come out.

He has since had a new gearbox, 4 new clutch cables, new clutch. In the end they gave him a new car and some extra goodies.

Besides someone who posted above owns a valver and they arent new. I wasnt specifically just referring to new cars. But some new cars do have these problems!

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Ref: Clio Extreme GF02JUY

Dear Mr Talou-Verible

I am again without the use of my Clio 1.2 16v Extreme. I have experienced several faults within the first year, engine cut outs, stalling, electrical fault lights, airbag fault light the latest being a replacement gearbox.

I now have a clutch or transmission failure. Either the Clio Sport models are poorly designed and manufactured or the garage ‘Priory at Northfleet’ does not have the ability to carry out repairs to a satisfactory conclusion.

They also never have a curtsey car available and seem not at all bothered that repairs take weeks rather than days. Could you please assist me with these problems?

Thanks in anticipation.


  Audi TT Stronic

you spelt courtesy car wrong..;)

and a comma just before "the latest fault being.."

and there should be a comma just after "Dear Mr blah blah,"

Ok I got my car back last night!!! Guess what went wrong..... The Diff!!!! I managed to kill the diff clips that hold it all together... LO

Mines still holding together, though second gear is very very suspect! Im having a hard enough time trying not to crash into people going through roundabouts opposed to going around them!