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Renault question

  VW Potato

ok, this might be a dumb-ass question but here goes: why is renault sometimes referred to as le regie (i think) by the motoring press? I dont understand or know the reference. Has anything to do with state ownership, or one of the founders or something?



AFAIK that name is the french name for renault, part owned by the french government I think.

Its vague I know, I read someone elses post on here about the differences between Renault sport Clios and Renaultsport Clios. They mentioned la regie in there and reffered to it being government owned. Dont even know for sure, just copied someone elses post.

...hmm ok, inspired by my sh*t answer I decided to look into it a little. I think the name "la regie" is short for "Regie Nationale des Usines", which is to Renault what "AB Volvo" is to "Volvo". Renault is just a nicer name, I mean, can you imagine "Regiesport 172"?!
...according to "Regie Nationale des Usines" means...
"National Regie of the Factories"

...can anyone inform us as to what a Regie is in france?!

..the plot thickens!
  VW Potato

ah, thats useful, thank you Dave. (not too far removed from - dare I say it - Alfa; Anonima Lombarda Fabrica Automoila. Which loosely translated is The Lombardy Car Making Company).

  BMW 320d Sport

Well the full name of the Renault company is Regie Nationale des Usines Renault Societe Anonyme which I think roughly translates (not literally though) as National Renault Manufacturing Company Limited, but for the life of me I cant think what Regie means, nor can I find it in any dictionary!