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renault reliability...

hey all

im a new member from australia, where after the closure of the Melbourne based renault factory quite some time ago due to tariff reductions, renault hasnt exactly been a dominant force in the car market. nowadays however, things are slowly beginning to change as renault are pushing their new range into the australian market. with that said, and me having acquired a clio sport (*172 mk2), how reliable are these cars in terms of durability and lastability? my family has always been used to the reliable japanese makes like toyota, my dad doubts my car can last as long as the jap makes...hope you guys can give me evidence to state otherwise...thanks


  Shiny red R32

There seems to be zillions of Renaults of all ages on the roads all the time, especially old and new Clios so they cant be that bad on reliability. Whenever there are surveys on such things in car mags etc, Renault are way above Ford and Vaxhall and are usually above half way in the league.

A driving school locally has used Clios for the past ten years and they are driven all day, every day and before I got mine he was recommending Clios to me, although his are only 1.2 and 1.4 but he has had some which have done over 90,000 trouble free miles and most having been done by learner drivers too!

It is probably down to the way they are looked after.

id agree with gr - if you look after your motor properly i.e. regular servicing, responsible thrashing (if you wanna boot it at least wait till its warm!), and getting niggles fixed before they spread like the plague to other parts of the car then theres no reason why cars wont last a very long time. Its all down to the care of the owner


  Shiny red R32

I also reckon that the even older R5 and GTTs must also have been pretty reliable as they are still seen regularly and I know a couple of GTTs in which the paintwork and engine areas look very clean and shiny, obviously down to the care they have received from their owners.
  VW Potato

i think the reno will be reliable (ie, mechanically tough, will start etc etc) but not very durable (ie flimsy build, plastics dont cope well with the winter etc). thats been my experience of reno in the past, and my current one displays the same characteristics.

  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

If you look after it, it will look after you...just try not to neglect it, or it may fall apart....

I was dubious about buying a Renault, as i heard loads of horror stories from friends, mainly about the 5 Turbo, but these were cars that had been bought for say £1000, and been very harshly treated....nothing major has gone wrong with my 16V Clio yet (fingers crossed, wood touched) and its got 90k on the clock...

in the past I have had quite a few Renaults with 100k plus on the clock, and they have always still been reliable starters etc. and not let me down.