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Renault say my 172 ECU needs a Quality Control Upgrade

  320d M Sport

Hmm, went in for a niggling thing today only to be informed that according to their computer my ECU is flashing up as requiring a "Qaulity Control" upgrade or check?!?!????
Anyone know what theyre going on about, takes around 2 hours they said???


hee hee..

they want to download a few bug fixes to the computer that controls the thing


2 hours indeed.. !

what that means in queens english is.....

foooooooook, Bill, I havent one this before ??..

Bill...... neither have I ????

both.... lets read the books ??

both.... agreed...

foreman.. how long will that take ??

both.... about a couple of hours !.. I aint never sin one of these ......

There ya go.. but rest assured, it will either be downloaded or your car will go no more dood... its a one way trip !

if you can drive it away.. it owrked...

but who knows how many NEW bugs it introduced ???

Doo doo dooooooooo dooo........

  320d M Sport

Thing is though Joe, I took it in for a new Glovebox????
They said it came up on their screen that it required it?? I didnt say anything to em about the ECU???

Hmmm indeed...



they type yer chassis no. in to the pc.....
it hiccups a few times and, based on the no., it knows when the car was assembled, what sofware code it uses etc..

often a problem or anoyance will arise that it is easier to reprogram the ecu than risk negative customer feedback..

so, as you get the chance.. program it..

thats all she wrote dood..
Joe.. yer pal . !



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Aye, this is nowt serious, all manufacturers do it.

On my old 106 GTi I knew the dealer and I used to get my ECU re-programmed up whenever they released an updated ECU setup for the car.

As for 2 hours, more like 10 mins...

Im running Clio 2001 with Service Pack 1 but thinking of upgrading some hardware.

Sorry, being in IT I just had to add that bit.

Paddy - is your car a UK or import? When did you get it - might give others an idea of if they will be needing the update ?
  Silver Fabia vRS

Im running Clio 172 2001 Service Pack 2 but I hear that you have to upgrade to Clio 172 2001 .NET soon!

Im sad I know!

I re-installed mine with Linux - car is harder to start and the doors are fiddly to open but once im on the road its much quicker and much more responsive.

(now whos sad!)

Ive got a Linux 172 too. It only cost 200 quid, but instead of pressing the keyfob I have to type:

dropn -front -drvr -now -noalarm

to get in.

My mate has a 172 XP, which is like a 172 98 but its a different colour and it needs a turbo kit to get it off the drive.