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Renault - Spare Parts - half useless!

Bloody Renault dealer......

When I ordered the parts last week I told them very very clearly that I needed an Offside headlamp cluster, and a top grill for a Mk2 172.....

Now I pick the parts up today, and..... fantastically they had got the headlamp cluster right! its a xenon one... great..... but..... can you guess? yes thats it, they ordered the standard top grill, NOT the mk2 172 one....... Ivfe got my car going into a body shop on monday and need to supply these parts... and renault go and do this..... I should really have guessed when they said the grill was going to cost £40, whereas Im sure I (or someone on here) found out that the proper article was £160ish... so what are they going to do now? who knows... the jobsworth that was serving me just kept repeating - We cant do anything until tomorrow, I wont be in, so Ill get someone else to look into this" and he just kept repeating this, even when I asked what he was going to do about the extra cost (If there is any;))


(heres hoping that its one of the lads who Ive talked to in the past that sorts it tomorrow, otherwise its going to be a big hassle trying to sort this out.... and it seems like such a simple task.....)
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Dealers get it right first time.........Eerrr NOT!

Your run of bad luck seems endless. Hope you get better service from your bodyshop.

Good luck

Run of bad luck? - Tis but a scratch! (In true Monty Python style! :D)

Well, just gotta get over this one and itll be done, then I can start talking about stoooooooooopid power mods again :devilish:

Well, after having to talk to Renault Customer Services, Ive just had a phone call to say that I will get the grill at the quoted cost, and Renault UK will pay the difference! RESULT :D

Now, just gotta get my car in on monday, and cope with running round in a rover 25 1.4 for 3 days :(