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Renault Sport Clio Super 1600 Article

  Clio 1.6 16V

Just got my Winter 2002/3 (No.161) Renault magazine through the post. Pages 61 to 65 hold an article on the Super 1600 Clio! A little strange but they are discussing this model alongside a dCi 80 (no offence to owners), but complete extremes!!

If anyone is interested I can scan the article and host it. Perhaps it could be added to the site articles list?

I read that this morning, I have to ask what a 220 and an 80 BHP car are doing being compared!?

"It makes no sense, Its f*cking stupid!" - To quote freddy got fingered

The super1600 is actually a restricted 2 lite engine! CCC mag done a report on it in November with the Cup road test and an article on how to make the RSport Spider better! Want that kit for the my 1600!