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Renault warranty

Couple of quick questions folks, as i have previously posted i have two depressions on each side of my bonnet, car was looked at by dealers on friday, two points came out of this, 1 - bodyshop confirmed it cant be repaired 2 - there is no visible paint work damage.

At no point did anyone say it was something i had done to car and it was raised by dealer that damage could have been done when car was made.

So my question is i am now looking to try and claim under the how easy is this or is this where war begins?

Car is a 1.4 16 v Dynamique 2003 spec, i took delivery on 30.11.02, only noticed marks when giving her a loving clean before she went to dealers, and before it is raised again its not been caused by closing bonnet, marks are on the sides of bonnet above light unit.

I called renault today to discuss the matter and well apart from basically being spoken to by a nodding dog who really wasnt keen on speaking about any one wanting to claim against a warranty am no further forward.

I want to make sure i dont get pissed about by dealers so any hints would be appreciated!!!!



30.11.02? So a 52reg. I honestly think you aint gonna have much luck . if the car was a couple weeks old then that would be different:(

It can do any harm asking.!!!!