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Renault World Series 2010

  Ph 1 172
sohow did everyone find it toay im off tomorrow so going to head there, was the traffic a nightmare getting in there?
  Clio 197 RB
No traffic was fine, me and my dad got there at like 8.30am with the 1st qualifying laps starting at 9.00am.
Car parks were empty as well, but about 10.00am it started filling up!!
Also I recommend taking a packed lunch, oh and a thick coat and gloves, as it's fooking freezing in them stands, especially with the wind!!!
  Ph 1 172
Yeah takiing a packed lunch like I did last year, except it was warm last year, cheers for the info I should be getting there at about 830am . Really looking forward to this
Just short of three hours away mate, 150 mile (ish) :(.....might be a bit quicker on a sunday morning though :)
  BMW E30 325iiiiii
Was there yesterday saw burpspeed sitting waiting to go on the track. think tony was driving. Got a cracking picture of the F3 crash at the start. I said I wanted to see a crash...was not disappointed lol. Goin back for the megane and clio race.

ALso saw .Gaz. and Danny_172s motor...quality stickers btw.
will you are quite the mischief maker.
went to this yday. the last clio race was pretty good.. it'd started to rain and they were sliding everywhere. twas nice to meet greg too and have a lesson on cobs or whatever they are ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
Is there any pics of the pissup? I have one of dave on the floor covered in beer and a few of my fridge but thats it :(


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
I wondered where my car was this morning when i woke up, things are starting to come back to me slowly!
  BMW M5 & E36
Woke up this morning... Addz- 'I thought someone had nicked my car, i dont remember moving it up there'.... 'what about the donut you did?'.... 'the what?'

  182cup & 172 racecar
Nice to see all you guys who came to say "Hello",helped make the day go as we had a lot of waiting around to do.

Naith,thanks for your cleaning and guarding duties.You boys from ooop north aint all bad.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
Haha drunken do-nutting, probably not the best idea in hindsight
Tony was that you who did that unplanned 360 down by vale today?.........i saw that, i had prime position when it happened :)
  Clio 182
Just home guys,
Was a great completely random drunken weekend lol!
Got some cracker photo's of you's guys sober :p
Off to bed now but will put them up tomorrow sometime!
Ya's all get home safe?

Na Surrender lol
  SG9 Forester STi
Top of the morning to ya!

Was a great weekend, met some awesome people :)

Oh nice donut by the way Addz, I laughed when dave pointed out the grass that your splitter collected and the fact you had no recollection of moving it!
  172 FF and Fabia VRS
was good weekend

nice to meet you Tony. cars looking well good

hope the new GB goes ok



ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172,2001
Had a greay sunday there,i said hello tony,we chatted about the car and the itb`s/exhaust,i had glasses,look like an older harry potter,lol.Managed to get jean ragnotti`s signature later in the day,he was at the stand with the megane trophy racer,felt like a little kid meeting a "hero",lol.