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renaultbexleyheath, coil spring problem..


A while back i had a crack in a coil spring so i had both replaced under warranty by a garage which i now no to be a right money saver garage and no longer use. The problem i have is thet it sits to high at the front, higher then any other standard clio, it just doesnt look right to me even though the garage have assured me, when i took it back that they were the right springs just after market ones, anyway i dont use them anymore.

I went to my local renault garage (bexleyheath) to ask for a price for 2 new coil springs i gave him the oval plate number and everything, as it was downloading he asked if i had the colour of the spring so i explained my dilemma and he insisted i needed the colour of spring because there are so many different types for the 16v. He sent me next door to speak to the service/sales manager to see if they had an idea of what to do which i did. When i told the manager everything he if i didnt have the colour of the spring then there was nothing he could do which i thought was a bit rude i asked if he had some sort of idea of what colour i needed coz surely an identical 16v to mine would have the same springs as what mine is meant have?? He replied he wouldnt like to say coz if he got it wrong then he would be liable so i just laughed at him and had a little barny then left without my answer.

Can anyone tell me what colour springs they have on an identical model/year etc surely there cant be much difference between all 16v clios it doesnt make any sence????????
  Clio Phase II 16V

From memory the ones on my valver are Red??

I live in Welling, just down the road from Bexleyheath maybe we could mee and you can look for yourself.


Slarty No is;

c57d fo2 9205, is there a way you could find out from this then? surely the renault garage should no this........

Tony i live near to welling, Blackfen actually yeah could meet one day during the week, you got a mobile number?

  clio 20v

i jus bin to dig out my old springs an there black off a 96 N reg

y not have this as a good excuse to get it lowered


I just want me standard springs mate not these imposter springs...............

How much could i expect to pay for it to be lowered?

RW, hmm, yes, the parts list does list a vast array of springs based on colour. (for that model). I can see why your dealer was a wee bit confused.

I cant imagine much difference between the various ones, so would be tempted to pick a colour (perm any one from 10 lol).. and go with it..

but, they are also a bit expensive at 60+vat per spring !.

They wouldnt even tell me a price because i didnt know what spring!!!! Am thinking maybe fit some 2nd hand ones on the car?? same year and all that.... this would be ok wouldnt it? I havent got much money at mo not for 120 for springs i dont want to lowere it just want the standard springs...

Adiclio16v do you want to sell me your black ones of the 96(N)??
  clio 20v

i only found 1 of them so far ill see if i can dig out the other one ive got quite a few old coil springs so ill have to make sure i identify two clio ones

a set of lowered front springs are about 40 quid and your looking at about 90 quid to do the torsion bar

mine went down 40mm and the ride isnt much harder u cant really tell

looks much better though 30-40mm isnt going to affect the suspension geometry much or wear out parts much quicker

not that im tryin to persuade ya to get it lowered but ya know you want to


Mate, Im only based in Crayford I used to use Whitehouse Renault in Blackheath and in Bexleyheath until I got a crack in my front coil. They wanted £180 + V.A.T. to replace it as its an MOT failure. I then ordered two front springs from GMax for £42 and paid a garage £160 to fit em and lower the torsion bar and then £20 to my insurance company. The car now sits 35mm lower than before and I would not go back.

Honestly mate, definitely use the opportunity to lower your car - you wont regret it!

Sorry I cant help with your coil problem though......


mate- u say your from blackfen, sh*t its a small world, me too!! what does ur motor look like, i may have seen u around?

ps have you seen that smart silver VW bora thats always around?! a kit to die for!

  clio 20v

but not on a clio in my opinion i think its still pretty much spot on

drives exactly the same not like my other lowered cars which you could tell changed camber and steering feel


Steve R T how you doing? yeah i have seen that silver bora with that kit on it i remember seeing it in the esso a couple of months ago!! So i spose you might have seen me. my clio has a front grill missing thanx to some fool, still waiting for all that to get sorted!!! Ill give you a toot next time i see the bora.................


Rob, just wondered if you got your coil problem sorted mate, or if you choose wisely my son and went lower and lower.....and lower.......