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reno 5 mmmm


ClioSport Club Member

Cossie vents look gash as do the seats.

Get the grill sprayed and itll look ok.

lurvley but I would spray the grille, get buckets and get rid of the bonnet vents in favour for some square ones.

Its very very nice though.

agree with what tom20v says, also a different set of wheels would also help

otherwise looks mint

Colour code the grille, get some Escort RST Vents on instead of the cossie ones! Hope their not funtional cos theyll do nothing that wide. My bros old one had ERST vents, one over his turbo and one over his I/K.

Also, nice set of 5 spokes or multispokes, they do nothing for such a nice example.....
  mk1 172

yeah but thats the thing about reno 5s they are old mate !

they are a classic ! its how clios started !

Quote: Originally posted by Barryd on 06 April 2005
No one said it was a turbo tho did they! ;)

good point, and yeah, the gtx was a 1.7, though ive only ever seen a 5 door version of the gtx

could also have been the 1.7T from the volvo 440 now i think about it

though she needs to drop the GTT plate

Could still be a proper GTT despite the 1.7 point - IIRC Prima do a 1.7 turbo conversion to up the capacity. However, my money is on it being a fake as the mirrors should be colour coded be interested to know how far shes taken it beyond the GTT interior and exterior as its still very nice...

yup, I love em, I want one, but halfords seat covers and cossie vents spoil it, Clarts old one was sweeter than that.


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  F31 330d

would look far better standard slammed on phase 2s with some buckets.


ClioSport Club Member

The only thing i dont like about that clart is the GT badges on the side. Other than that tis mint!

Quote: Originally posted by Dutch 172 on 06 April 2005

halfords seat covers and cossie vents spoil it
They arent seat covers - thats the std interior with some red leather retrimming.
  172 & 205 GTI 1.6

Hi guys im the girl who owns the renny 5 HI!!! Listen its a 1.4 GTT I agree bout seats...buckets to follow with rollcage etc...vents are pants also...getting a bad boy bonnet and puttin a clio williams scoop in and yeh wheels got changes wen i bought it...currently savin for Oz nice pic of under the bonnet if yas wanna c it?
  172 & 205 GTI 1.6

nickg123 that is a fine example!!!! wat u reckon should i go for bad boy bonnet or carbon fibre...i like old school you see lol cos im old school myself lol....very nice pics though!!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Thanks Mel, i love 5s to pieces!!

Badboy bonnets do suit them, but they are a bit dated now - i actually modified the Standard grille on mine - just cut all the slats away and left the Renault badge, then just meshed it - everyone thought it was an aftermarket one as it looked so different but i think it suited it well!
  mk1 172

mel cant post anymore messages cos she aint a full member !

bit sh*t when they arnt taking any more memberships at the mo ! never mind.

message from mel :

Yeh bad boy bonnets are popular but look menacing...but carbon fibre ones are cool too so for weight i might go with that...fine example though!!
  172 & 205 GTI 1.6

oh right yeh haha im a dick man swear to is any1 gonna photoshop my renault then...pleez!

what was the original R5 Turbo. wasnt a GTT i think. the one thats in GT4 from the 80s that the journalist from one of the pink panther films drove. that car looks amazing. be good to see some replicas about instead of all the crappy bodykits people are putting on theyre gtts
  172 & 205 GTI 1.6

was it a gordini or something...i know what u mean they were cute...would never replicate a classic myself like!
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Andy - you reallllly have no idea lol!

The Renault 5 GT Turbo is pretty much as you see it in the first pic, this is not a replica, modding one is no different to people modding a 16v, cup, williams or V6.

Why would anyone want to produce a replica?!?

Are you talking about the Renault 5 Turbo 2 with the Wide Arches, rear mounted engine etc? Making a replica of that would be just as sad as people sticking kits on a normal clio to make it look like a V6!

I think youre a tad confused mate.
  172 & 205 GTI 1.6

hey thats sweet very original like so many ideas but the money dont help the carisma renny 5 by jamie shaw...any one got a pic of it cos i cant find any on here???