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reno aint as bad as people think

hey guys

we just got a new 172 from reno.yes they replaced our dud one. after many complaints and visits to reno( it was with reno for 7 weeks of 3 months ownership )they said they would just replace it and after a week or driving a crappy 1.4 we got another red missle to driver about in,. only bad thing is its gotta be run in yet again



feel sorry for the poor sod or lass thats gonna buy my old one, reno cany fix it but still gonna sell it on



  Shiny red R32

Wongy, have you seen a Clio Cup yet? I saw one in Edinburgh yesterday, the colour looks lovely and I might see if I can have a drive in it when I have time, as I think it is at the Sighthill dealer.


008 ill let you figure it out girl

nope not seen a cup yet but i guess it may just look like the extreme 1.2 or something. ill have to wait till waynes one is at reno then ill just go take a look and take it for a caining


I was at the Sighthill dealer yesterday (getting mine fixed). Saw a blue 172, but dont think it was a Cup as it was all dirty. Id have expected that theyd be keeping the test car in good nick!
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Well it goes to show that we aint all bad !!
Its not always easy to get the faults to show up, when we test the cars !!

Im glad we where able to replace your car Mr Wong. Its nice to keep customers happy !!
Oh yer I may come down for a meal soon !!




me old chesnut

my mums said you can come down when you want and she wants to get you a little something to say thanks too. anything in mind mate. youve been more than helpful with our car



  Shiny red R32

BenH, last December I had a test drive in a Flame red 172 at Sighthill and it was FILTHY dirty, they dont bother that much, unlike Abercromby Renault on the eastern side of Edinburgh, they are more particular about their cars. Obviously Sighthill is nearer to where you are.

Is that where you had to spend out all that money to get your car fixed? I realise that MOTs cost the same everywhere, but it is a pity that you had to have all that work done at the dealer as they charge so much, especially for the labour.

Hope you had a good journey down to Southend.


well my 172 had a warning light problem,the electric fault light, and toxic fume light keeped coming on and leaving the car in limp mode, no power and just about driveable to a dealer,

thing is the dealer could never actually fix the problem and in the end they just replaced it instead of trying to fix it,

think im the only one in this club it has happened too.

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Im glad you feel that you have been looked after !!
Im glad you bought a uk registered car from a Renault Dealer. If you had got an import you wouldnt have got your car changed by them.

Im more hoping that we dont have any problems with the new one !!

Thank your mum for her kind thought, but it realy isnt necessary.
However I will make a real effort to come and eat at your resturant.

Good luck son !!