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Replace 182 seats, what with?

Ive currently got the standard 182 seats and am looking to change them for something also, more track orientated!

Was looking at Recaro Speed, not looking for a full on track seat but one thats good for track and then road!

What about KTR seats or bimarco?
Been having a look and think it would have to be betwen the Recaro speed and Pole position(ABE). Would i also be saving some weight replacing standard with either of these?


ClioSport Club Member
Properly love my evo's.

Really supportive but still comfortable on a long journey. Cant ask for more tbh :)
These all save weight over original seats? Was wanting sort of factory look but might have to just sack that idea!:S
  Ford Puma 1.7
Got to be a set of Recaro CS!


Stunning seats. Almost factory look (unless you get them in fluo green), and you can get them with/without airbags!
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