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Replacement key fob OMG...

  182 FF Cup options
I stupidly lost my key fob the other day, so im using the spare. I have to get another on just incase i loose this one. I rang reno and they said a whopping £120, and i takes a week to sort it out. OMG that is a lot of dosh......:(
  Leon Cupra R 225
I've not had this experience and at that price dont think I'll be letting mine loose anytime soon ;)
  tiTTy & SV650
they have to make money somewhere lol and when u think how much warranties must cost em....
  182 FF Cup options
can i buy one off ebay and get it cut, and programmed, or does the chip in the metal part have to be for the specific car?
  BMW 330d :)
Hopefully someone hasnt got hold of it and knows where you live, otherwise it might be more than the keyfob you lose.