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Replacing front seat after collision, guidance needed

  Arctic 182FF
Replacing my front passenger seat after the airbag deployed after i lost a fight with a kerb. Is it easy to do? do i have to remove anything other than the seat (like the airbag ECU, will it just set the airbag off in the new seat?) Do I have to reconnect anything to get the airbag functioning etc. Thanks


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
You just need to remove and replace the seat/components and no, it won't re-deploy anything. You will also need to remove the SRS ECU and either replace it with one that hasn't deployed or pay to have the crash data removed.
  Arctic 182FF
Ok thanks, do I need to do both at the same time? Also do I need to like program in the ECU or anything?
  Arctic 182FF
Been looking around at information on the ECU, am I able to put a new one in without having to pay Renault to code it to my car? Would it be easier to just get the crash data removed from my ECU and put it back in or would this require the same process as putting in a fresh one? Do I need to replace the sensor on the side of my car which caused the airbag to deploy and pretensioner to go off?