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replacing key fob battery?

  Ford Fiesta
anyone done it?
do you have to do it quick to prevent it loosing its code for the car?
  Dynamique S 138
I started an exact thread last week, just change it over no need to rush but dont leave it a couple of days, says in the hand book too
  RS Clio 172 Ph1
I've changed mine, only difficult thing was taking the cover off! I found using the handle of a teaspoon the best tool, put the end through the hole and lever the top forward!
  1.6 Astra ... R.I.P. 182
how do u know when it needs replaced ? lol part from it stopping working altogether
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
I dont think they can lose their memory, hence why they are write once keys and cost £80+ to replace because of the type of flashrom they use I think its a write-once PIC
  Dynamique S 138
They are CR2016 3v batteries

Energizer ones from wilko's £1.99 for 2 bargain lol
  Clio 172 Ph2 in Silver
I tried the spoon meathod but no joy, had a go with a large screw driver. Evenually got it off but all the edges are mashed from all thet pulling around. Please note any one trying to get this off, the front plastic button side slides down to the front not up. I found it just to be the battery had come slightly loose so try this first you never know.