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replacing standard clio 182 speakers


  S5 Sportback
What size are they in the front?

is it easy to replace them?

what would people suggest to replace them with?

are there any speakers in the rear of the 182?

what should i replace the rear ones with?

what size are the rear ones?

cheers! :)
  Burgandy 174 sport t
all are the same size iirc, fronts are a doddle just pop the Grill off and three maybe 4 screws hold them on then a connector block.

cant remember changing the backs it was 3 yrs ago
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  S5 Sportback
ah cool, sounds easy. ta. i'll have to have a ganders to see what type of speakers they are.
  Tesla MP3 2021

yeah the same size all the way around 13cm.

ive just replaced my front speakers with some rainbow ones... awesome qaulity, but soon they will be going into the back and some components will be going in the front.