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Replacing steering wheel

Can I replace my steering wheel with a 172 Mk1 Steering wheel from a scrappy (the airbags bust) The stterrind wheels in my 1999 RSi and Mk1 172 are identical except for the alcantara trim!

Has anyone done this before - How do I remove my existing steering wheel and take out the airbag to replace it into the 172 steering wheel?

Will renault do it and if so how much?

One word of advice - make sure your tracking is ok first, or the steering wheel wont be on straight! I know it sounds a bit obvious, but I had a garage do mine, and they didnt check, so when I had the tracking done, the steering wheel was at 3 oclock position!

So it is possible then to use your exisitng airbag, remove the steering wheel and put a new steering wheel on?