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Retrofit cruise to a phase 1 172

I would like to know if it is possible to put cruise control on a phase 1 172
If it can be done I would guess that the following would need to be done:
change ecu to a siemens sirius 34 ecu from a 172/182 with cruise (I know this will need unlocking etc)
change steering wheel to one with cruise buttons
fit the cruise switch that is on the right of the steering wheel
change the brake light switch to one for a car with cruise
install any wires between said components

Is it as simple (!) as that or am I miles off?
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You'll also need a ph2 throttle body+ pedal setup. I'd also imagine you might need a few other bits as well.
I would imagine a switch for the clutch pedal would be needed as well.

As when the clutch is pressed in the Megane and the cruise is on, it disengages.

Yup probably - same with the 182

Dunno, read / heard that somewhere as would like it on mine

hmm maybe I'm being thick then (quite possible!) but I can't see the link between an esp and cruise system. plenty of cars have cruise but no traction control


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It'll possibly be because vehicles with ESP have the requirements (hardware wise) that cruise needs: brake pedal switch, clutch pedal switch, clock ring with capacity for wheel button wiring due to having an SAS.

Deffo can't be done on a phase 1 without changing the ECU, MTU and throttle setup. On a phase 2 it's a bit easier as its bolt on stuff, a bit of wiring followed by some CLIP time.



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I doubt it... The stepper mechanism alone to hold and actuate the cable throttle alone would be a huge job to fit and get working not to mention the controls which is why Renault never had cruise until they did away with cable driven bodies.

Djw John

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Ah fair enough! Must be possible on cabled tbs though, it's been around in America since the 50s iirc. Tbh I don't miss t when I don't have it so never bothered me enough to look into it


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  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Oh yeah it's possible but as above you would need something to stop the cable movement and the advance/r****d the throttle position.

Vauxhall have had a system that does this for years but it's far easier with a dbw tb setup
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Has anyone actually done this to a phase 2? I did see a post someone made, they lived in Europe, but sadly the diagrams where in another language :(

I'm up for doing it, if it's definitely possible/viable
On a ph1 its night on impossible, without changing the entire interior loom/uch/engine loom/ecu to ph2 items. then you need a ph2 dash etc as nothing would be in the same place.

On a ph2:New switch panel


Then a new steering wheel and squib fitted today:


Which then enabled:


Cruise control :D

ESP isn't needed. Nor is any time on CLIP.
Old post bump but it seems the most suitable place.
I have a 2002 Ph2 172 which doesnt have cruise. I assume from your post above I can fit those two components and then it will "just work"?
Is the plug for the cruise buttons behind that dash panel?
What about the plug for the steering wheel? What do they look like?


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  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
It depends on your cars loom... Some early cars weren't wired for it, so check.