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  1. Zsolteen

    X85 cup racer ecu

    Hello everyone. I got this message out of the blue. VERLOG-ACTIVE (SOFTWARE LOCK ENABLED) and the car won't start since then. does anyone know why this happened? or how to 'delete' this error?
  2. Ferds

    SN64LCX - £100 anyone who can put me in touch with previous keeper 🙏🤝

    Hello all, I need your help, and I’m sure we have all been in my situation; or know someone who has so hopefully if you read on you can help me out. SN64LCX is a car I bought from a dealer. From day 1 it has had gearbox issues. Trying to back the car and it’s proving difficult for a multitude...
  3. J

    2013 Clio Wiring Fault

    Hi, I have a 2013 Clio and I have a few errors, the check engine light is on, anti pollution system, injection sytem and the braking system flashes in fault on & off. I've taken it to two separate garages and they have said it was a wiring circuit but they do not know what one, is this a common...
  4. R

    Squeal from front windows 2014 Renault Clio

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone on here could help me with this: I drive a 2014 Renault Clio and when I reach speeds of 50mph or over, I get a squeal from the windows. If I open the window slightly the wind noise goes away. Another way, not practical, to stop the noise is to hold/apply pressure...
  5. F

    OBD2 CODES P0711 and B0500

    So no engine lights no nothing, i bought the scanner because ABS and ESP + serv lights do come on from time to time. So went to scan the codes and i find that : The idle is also a bit lumpy, so i through a clip in there. I did see that P0711 could refer to a low gearbox oil level, and i think...
  6. M

    2003 clio dynamique Electrical issue

    Hi, I have an intermittent electrical issue, the wipers, locks, remote locking, headlights and indicators are not working all of the time, also car won't start if she hasn't been started in a hour or so without turning on the indicators and either waiting or repeatedly turning the key until the...
  7. Archtects

    Clio sport check engine/revs its-self/sounds like motorbike

    On way home today was driving down the road changed down and rather than revving I heard what sounded one blowing I assumed it was my exhaust or something. But then I noticed check engine light and that the car was Reving it self, then I heard the noise it was making. Sounds a little bit like...
  8. J

    Clio Mk2 1.2 16V Electric Window UCH fault

    So, to cut a long story short, I have a problem with my Clio UCH box (no surprise there). The problem is, I can put my driver’s side window down, but not back up. The passenger’s side works perfectly fine. I know for certain it is the UCH box as the relays click very loudly a lot and sometimes...
  9. H

    1.2 2002 Electric lamp limp mode.

    Got a Clio 2002 8cyl 1.2 that suddently 2 months ago got this electric lamp and whent to limp mode. After a while standing with ignition of, i could start again, and it whould always return after 5-7 minutes. Specialy if i did not push on the pedal. I have the car at my local Renault mechanic...
  10. B

    Mk1 Clio 1.8 16v / Williams ecu ? Spark fuel but won't run?

    Hi guys I'm new here :smile: Basically long story short, I brought this clio of eBay, seller said he thinks the alarm has killed it, done a little digging, all the alarm seems to be working, doors lock / unlock Immobiliser turns from red to green and it cranks over fine. Stripped engine bay...
  11. F

    SERV and ESP lights help!

    I know it is a common issue and I have checked alot of the past threads but I cannot seem to sort this issue. As soon as I touch the steering wheel the esp and SERV light come on, and stay on permanently until the ignition is turned off. I have done all the common fixes, brake light switch...
  12. T

    Right indicator keeps staying on

    Hi everyone, A very strange and frustrating problem is happening with my 02 plate 1.2 Renault Clio. The right indicator keeps staying on even when the stork is in neutral. Is turns off when I indicate left, but either if its neutral or right, it stays on. I have changed the stork (got one...
  13. J

    Mk 3 Clio reverse lights not working - switch and fuses fine but unconnected cable in engine bay?

    So my MK3 Clio (57 plate) reverse lights aren't working and we've checked the fuses, the switch (changed in the last week anyway) and found nothing except this weird loose cable. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Or how to fix the lights if unrelated. Also the rear left light cluster has...
  14. C


    Hello everyone i have rencenly purchased my first car (renault clio 1.2 16v) When i am parked and turn my steering wheel left or right i get loud clunking sound and also in a particular spot when turning. I have taken my car to a garage so they could have a look and give me a diagnostic on the...
  15. N

    Indicator problem

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice. My indicators have started going really fast intermittently. Sometimes it's normal, sometimes it's fast, sometime is clicking like it's trying to indicate but is going too fast for them to actually turn on. Works fine on hazards and all bulbs are...
  16. beeched

    Front os side light and rear os tail light out at the same time.

    I installed some new cool white sidelights into my 2003 Clio a week ago. All was working well, but now, the front right has gone out, along with the rear right. I'm guessing a fuse? Where is this located? Under the bonnet, or in the dash? Also, why would these new lights have blown a fuse?
  17. A

    Passenger Window Fault ph2 182

    ive just got my 182 and the drivers side window works perfectly but the passenger window doesnt go all the way down it only goes 3/4....anyone know of any problems or what can be wrong and how i could fix this....cheers
  18. CDES

    P0136 & P0120

    Doesn't appear to be a definitive answer to these faults, wherever I have searched. Anybody got a workflow I can start to try and get rid of these two faults? (Without just resetting all faults) Any help will be massively appreciated.
  19. E

    Clio 200 4th gear crunch misery... RUK help?

    Hey chaps, appreciate people are probably sick of seeing posts on this issue but I would be grateful for any help / advice.. I've had my Clio 200 at the dealer and it's confirmed 4th gear synchro problems as is always the case.. According to RUK because it is 'not a known/common issue' they...
  20. K

    SERV and airbag lights

    Hi guys, I've recently had the SERV and Airbag light come on and just can't get it to go out. I've tried all the connections under the two front seats and also the one under the plastic behind the steering wheel. Is there any way to narrow down the culprit, or do you have to just go at...
  21. AidenJohnson

    Rev + Temp gauge not working

    Hi guys, Little issue.. my rev gauge and temperature gauge seems to just not be working, all the others are fine though?
  22. Mattty

    Possible battery issue? Crazy dashboard lights, headlights flicking on and off when turning key

    Just bought a stripped out Clio 172 '02 from my mate and having trouble starting it. It starts ok using a booster pack, which is how we got it on and off the transporter, but it wont start on its own. I don't know too much about the electronics side of things so bear with me please. I charged...