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Ringing/whistling noise above 6k

When really going for it, my Cup has always developed a high-pitched ringing/whistling noise from about 6k to 8k. It goes like stink, and runs ok, but I wonder if anyone has an idea what this might be due to? I fail to localise the sound from inside, and havent managed to position myself outside the car whilst accelerating at that rate...


Probably just something to do with the air intake thing. If you are at that many revs its probably fully open and sucking in loads of air. Its maybe just whistling cos of the speed of the air going into the engine. Dont worry about it. I would love a noise like that on my car. Makes it sound faster.


my 172 makes the same noise around those sort of revs and i aint worried about i shouldnt worry mate...sounds quite cool i think


me too.

I think it is the air intake. I did it a few times, and it happens in every gear (well, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) :)

it is air intake, I got my dad to rev it up on our drive, and it seems to come from the airbox, so I am not worried.

do you know how quick you are going in 4th when that whistling noise starts? my balls shrunk, and i slowed down....


Haha, cheers chaps! Thats put my mind to rest! I thought it might be the intake. I wonder what it would sound like with an induction kit on it...;)

Fabulous, IMHO, if you go for the HP one which should be compatible with a Cup - it includes a fuelling change......:D