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1.6 16v sounding like a lawn mower

  Clio 2, 1.6 16v
Hey everyone,

Today, myself and my clio had a rough day. Firstly, on my way to work, the exhaust back box mount failed and the whole exhaust fell off. Got that fixed, welded in a new exhaust and that was good... for a total of 15 minutes. I'm not sure if this is exhaust related, I highly doubt it but just wanted to throw that in there.

The main issue I'm now having is this engine sound, the car sounds like a diesel/lawn mower/chainsaw hybrid. With the hood popped open the engine seems fine, fluid levels are all as they should be and nothing seems out of the ordinary. The sound seems like it comming from the alternator/belt area. If anyone had a similar issue and fixed it, or has knowledge in what this possibly could be, I would like to hear it.

Thank you in advanced.

Video of the sound included from inside and outside


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