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Road Angel Classic Help

my partner and myself were bought a road angel classic for our MK2 172.

I have registered the unit and downloaded all the stuff from the website as required.

However when i connected the unit up it took 2 hours to get any satalites, then when we next used it took near enough 30 mins. When reading the instruction manual it advises you that it could take upto 45 mins initially then after that 1-2 minutes.

Upon reading the manual though it does state that if your car has a UV windscreen it may block the signal.

Does anyone else own one of these and has similar problems, or could they suggest anything that may help, as cost my father-in-law £250 and i will be real peed off is this is going to be a recurrent problem



Try to position it near the square at the bottom middle of the screen, thats a break in the heat reflective screen and allows gps signals through.

I will try that one tonite to see what effect it has.

However i do know that they do an additional antena if the problem does not shift.

Just wondered if anyone else had experianced this problem before
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I got fed up with my RA2 taking ages to start up due to the screen, I ended up paying and extra 20 quid and getting an additional antenna to put on the rear shelf. Starts up in seconds now.
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I have a Road Angel classic in my 182 (it was in my old 172mk2 as well) and it works fine but as Pete says you have to put it under the little square bit at the bottom of the screen. I have found it is a bit of trial and error to find the sweet spot where it will work within the square but once you do it works perfectly and picks up the signal within seconds.
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Quote: Originally posted by Ben j on 23 August 2005
but an additional ariel for a classic is about £80 i believe