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Roads from hell! on ITV

Its amazing you know that one age group think its great to see people driving like lunatics and another really put them down for being stupid and dangerous..... anyone who acts like a stupid out of control fool on the road (hi i can do 100mph in a built up area) is not just a danger to him/herself but to all the innocent people out there that want to live a day longer.


So what did you buy your scooby for then TB1??? I always thought that buying these fast cars enabled us to drive faster... Might as well stay in a 1.1 Fiesta if your going to do 30 mph everywhere

i dont think TB1 said anything about him drive everywhere doing 30mph, im sure he open up his car when theres a nice quiet road, as he said youll be a fool to be speeding in build up areas
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mmm i saw this programme too....

this is called a burnout it is very dangerous...pah what-ever....

It is stupid speeding in built up areas, or in busy traffic, ive done it and thought after - what if? - not worth it at all

If you go on quiet roads where you can open it up a bit, its just u and ur motor, if anything happens, chances of involving someone else are more limited...same with cruises - u know theres a chance of getting ur car scratched/bumped/smashed...but dont see many grandmaswalking their dogs there..

Is that the programme where the bloke got out of his car to explain to another driver that he shouldnt mess with him cuz hes jiggy?!

Dont think Id have been able to drive away for laughing!

Yeah it was the programme with the jiggy bloke on - he was well funny!

The best bit was when that metro (or whatever it was) was in the outside lane of the motorway when a copper came up behind, so the driver decided to stop in the fast lane! Brilliant. how stupid can someone be!?

i wet my sides when that police officer was picking that orange object up off the hard shoulder were the road works was... and that XR2 skidded and almost knocked him over..... LOL i mean.... talk about giving a copper an incentive to book ya!!

i bet the bloke in the car was gonna run him over, but bottled it... see the angle he come in at? he was heading straight for him!

i liked the bit with the guy with the RS fiesta, totally bog standard looking, and claiming he does 140............well i know for a fact that it would have to have a fair bit of tuning to be able to do that sort of speed........and if he is going to go to all that trouble the least he could do is bin those minging standard wheels!!!!!!! EEEEEEEeerrrrrghhhhh three spokes.........


Steve, with power comes the temptation to use it all the time, you basically dont have to cos you know that not alot can keep up with you (and yes i do 30mph in 30mph zones and it totally p155es people off but when your car stops in 8 meters at 30mph it also gives them the inscentive not to see you try it ;o))

I had some guy overtake me in a clapped out escort rst (standard one), i had turned right at the lights, carried on down the road at 30mph and indicated to turn right again on a slight left hand bend, there is a junction on this bend and a car was ready to pull out, mr im so good with my rst overtook me!!! on the rhs of my car whilst i was about to turn right and the car was about to pull out of the junction, now he must have been doing 80-90MHP in a 30MPH BUILT UP area outside a busy pub and fast food shop, now if you call that sensible ownership of a performance car then f**k me! (not literally thou!!)

YOU are not the only person out there, there are people who dont want to die because you have a death wish (or no brain cells, its the same thing) so if you think its good fun then think again, wait till you knock someone down then see how funny it is when they are in hospital and your waiting to see if they live or die...... it happens and it could happen to you.


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