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RR or rstunner



Ok have Full Scorpion RS192 stainless exhaust with decat and a
ITG Maxogen Carbon fibre Cold air intake fitted to trophy wanting to remap it with either rr or rs tunner. Just dont know which to do any help welcome

Chris Philpott
  RSC 182 Cup
RSTuner. Excellent value for money because you also get the data logging and diagnostics capabilities.

You will notice a significant difference in the way it will drive after remapping. It will pull to the redline a lot smoother and the annoying cold start function will be tamed.
  ibiza cupra
depends how much in the way of funds you have. if you want a cheap remap then the rs tuner is the one (thats what im gona go for) but if you have the money then go for a live remap as you will get the best possible gains for your car individually.


I woulf like to have the possiblity of changing it back to standard when going to sell her