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RS Clio 200 & Impreza

  RS 182
Hi everyone, havn't been on here in a while since I broke my silver 182 :(

But since then I replaced it with the following :




td05, pink injectors, full decat, walbro, Andy Forrest pops and bangs ecutek switchable map running 361bhp, Stoptech big brake kit etc :D

But more to the interest of people on here, me and my girlfriend also bought a 2010 RenaultSport Clio 200, completely standard bar the Cup pack :)






comments welcome :D
  Ph2 Meg 225
Love the scooby, the only thing that ruins it for me is the spoiler. Never been a fan of that particular one, is it a standard one?

The Crumb Master

Aka The Human Rolling Pin
ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Loving the Scooby! I miss my old one almost daily. :(

Shame about the tyres on the clio though. They belong in the bin.
  RS 182
Yes sir! ;)

Thats what I thought as I wasn't sure if there was two different types or if ones aftermarket, I know one has more slant than the other which I have never been keen on! The wheels suit it really well though.

Yeah I'm almost certain the bootlid and spoiler was from a Bugeye STi! But if I'm honest, I dont see much difference at all! Ha
  Clio 172 Flamer
no it isnt

yes it is

no it isnt

yes it is

haha who cares, its an RS forum not a spoiler forum ;)

I like the spoiler either way, and both cars.