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RT 0-60 Video!!

Just timed it with a stop watch at 9.94 seconds three times in a row! Timed it from when the camera moved with the first movement of the car. Pretty damned good for a 1.4 (unless you were pointing down a big hill at the time ;))

Give it a try to 100mph if you can find a long and flat enough piece of road.

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

That was the best from three runs. One was just over 11s, another was about 10.5. All along the same stretch of road.

I would do a run to 100mph but the file would be ablout 10Mb!!!

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

If I can get to the Midlands meet, Ill bring the video camera so everyone can have a go!!

That would be awesome.

I would like to go side by side with an RT to test the gear ratios, as apparently the 1.4S has a shorter ratio RSi gearbox.

Well done on those runs though mate, very impressive

haha. My car was well nice today.. yesterday it was responsive, today it was MINT.



Sounds good - though Id recommend that you dont try racing any AX GTs or 205 XSs....

Althought they only have 1360cc lumps as standard they produce 85bhp which is good enough for 0-60 of 9.5 on the Pug and 9 dead on the AX.

They may not look much but around town they are little street sleepers. Admitadly on the open road they are no match for GTis, Valvers and Willies - but at the traffic light Grand Prix they are suprisingly nippy!


i tried it in my RT first day i got it best i got was 10.7, tried it the other day with the induction kit and exhaust and best was 9.8! it think thats bout the best im gonna get!
  Golf GTi DSG

I agree, I reckon late 9 seconds is the best for any RT. Does shock a fair few people though, espeically rep cars who see the 1.4 badge when sat at lights, then wonder why there 1.6 Mondeo cant keep up!

What do you guys use to hold the camera in place. Ive done runs in my Vaver with me mate holding the camera. Seems to lose sight of the speedo when i change gear!:p
  Golf GTi DSG

I got loads of bluetac to stick it to the flat bit just behind the steering wheel and just in front of the dash, keeps it steady right on speedo and a decent pic as well.
  Golf GTi DSG

Make sure you whack a fair chunk on and press down really hard cos it dont stick that great!

And post the videos on here so we can all see please!!!!
  Golf GTi DSG

Get an account at Lycos, where I got my vids hosted, free and dont seem to mind vids.

If there not massive (less then 1 meg) you could mail them me and Id upload them to my lycos space?"> - but iclkle files, Im on 56k!

Quote: Originally posted by zedx19 on 20 March 2003

I agree, I reckon late 9 seconds is the best for any RT. Does shock a fair few people though, espeically rep cars who see the 1.4 badge when sat at lights, then wonder why there 1.6 Mondeo cant keep up!
Erm not quite, with a lot of work (and in the words of Nick from Hill Power)

"you can hold up a valver upto 60mph, the it will start to overtake"

Or something like that anyway. Basically he was saying that with some headwork (about £1.5k worth, you can have acceration that will be enough to hold back a standard valver. But when you hit 60 the valver will kick your ass.


Its at times like these I wish Id have gone for 15s instead of 16s... :(

Yours is pretty nippy, Id like to see if the re-build, filter, stainless system and de-cat made any difference to mine... Itll probably be slower though! Ill probably put the steelies on and see what itll do, when I can be bothered.


It all depends on its age etc, theyre generally about 11s though arent they? With the 16s on mine runs about standard times, maybe a bit higher... and the motorway is a terrible place for small cars with big wheels... slow...
  Golf GTi DSG

As standard there 11ish. I wouldnt say mines modded really though, just got K&N 57i and peco backbox, oh and vavler bonnet to keep the filter cool. Nothing to give big power gains, might be 2-3bhp in what Ive got.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

I used a big piece of gaffa tape over the top of the camera to hold it down.

zedx19 - is this down a small/big hill or up it? I assumed it was down but just thought Id check! Also, whats up with your speedo needle, it jumps around all over the place.

Jumping speedo needle means new speedo cable needed - mine does it.. but it doesnt annoy me enough to get it changed!

  Golf GTi DSG

As Daz said about my jumpy needle, been doing it since i bought it 2 1/2 years ago but doesnt bother me, stops at 60/70 anyway.

As for hill, they were both uphill not down, first was up a small hill, second was a decent sized, going up a slip road onto dual carriageway
  Golf GTi DSG

Quote: Originally posted by Ben P on 20 March 2003

what cameras you lot using?

Must be pretty small
I use a Fuji A101 digital camera, not meant for video but allows you to record 20 seconds video clips at a time with no sound though. Some new digital cameras let you take longer video clips with sound, boy toys or summit similar do a digital video camera for £100, record as long as youve got memory in the smart media card, sound also, not bad for £100.
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Im using a DV2 from . Cost £100 on its own and then a bit extra for more memory. Ive got 128Mb of memory on mine which allows about 40mins of audio and visual.

zedx19 - that explains why I couldnt hear anything on your vid then, I thought there was something wrong with my download!
  Golf GTi DSG

RT_owner, thats the digi thing I was on about on boys toys, dont look bad for £100!

I dissappointed about sound though, it dont have roar when the revs get going! Could record the sound on my 8310 but dunno how to get it on the computer!

By the way, Im planning on do some more runs and videoing it, gonna try and get the rev counter in as well somehow, hopefully do a 0-100 run if I can find a long enough runway! lol

Anyone live in Derby/Notts area with RTs?
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

The standard mic is a bit crap, but you can get a USB one for about £10 apparently which is loads better. I suppose thay had to cut back somewhere along the line to get the price as low as it is.

Are you going to the Midlands meet? could compare cars if you are.
  Golf GTi DSG

Nah, Im not a member of Cliosport, Im a traiter! Im a fully paid member of RSC!

What is this midlands meet anyway? Where? When? and do you have to be a member to come?

Any northern owners?

Ive not really seen many modded RTs around yorkshire... its quite nice that way actually!

I really want a digi cam for recording sound etc, itd be nice to have a go at some 60 vids. My only other choice is using a normal camera, and getting a mate to encode it... Pain.