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Rubber caps that cover bulbs

Hi I had a problem after all this rain, water/condensation had got into my headlamp and caused my xenon 2 stop working. I did a quick search and decided to dry the lamp out before doing any tests on the bulb etc. After drying the lamp, the xenon worked :) happy days. But while putting the rubber caps back on, some how the cap is wrong!compared with the other side it was bigger!dont know how this happened, obviously previous owner. Anyway im after a rubber cap for the dipped light(not the xenon) so the smaller cap. Were can I find one, dnt really want to drive 2 car dismantlers.

same happend with me... i took all the bumper off and headlight out and put some silicone round the ballast on the bottom of the headlight and its been fine since.. stupid rubber seals go!