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rubber thing :)

  Clio 200 CUP
Hay Guys this may be a silly question but what is the rubber bit called and what does it do ? Can they where out over time and need replacing and is this the same on the 172 Cup and the 182 ??


Thanks Guys!
  Evo 8 MR
I don't get why there is them for £20 or ones which are apparently for a 2.0 16v that are £80?
  Clio 200 CUP
its when i am on moterway after a bit it starts knocking & cracking and dose not sound good
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  derv biege barge
I have some damper rubbers lying around if you need them get in touch, they were off brand new dampers, fitted for only 1 week before I purchased my Koni adjustables.